The Top 12 Books I Read in 2021

I could write another recap similar to last year’s…about how this year was a dumpster fire and how I was too lazy to write out a full review for each and every book…BUT, let’s just skip over that and jump right into my favorite lines from my favorite books I read in 2021. I amContinue reading “The Top 12 Books I Read in 2021”

The 13 Best Books I Read in the Cursed Year of 2020

Though I’m certain it has already been articulated plenty over the last year, it bears repeating that words can offer us solace in difficult times. 2020 was a shit show on a global level, as well as a personal level, but reading provided me with a temporary escape—the knowledge of new perspectives, different lives. HereContinue reading “The 13 Best Books I Read in the Cursed Year of 2020”